Matrix Risk Control (Matrix) has been awarded a two-year contract with Stena Line to develop a training program for ferry staff to deal with “problem passengers.”

Matrix’s Disruptive Passenger ToolKiT has been created to encourage staff to be more confident and in control of any situation involving potentially difficult travellers, according to a company press release.

Scenarios range from passengers who are unhappy with the service they receive, escalating to people who are a risk to others through alcohol and drugs.

The training is described as interactive with the participants introducing difficult scenarios they may have had to deal with in the past.

The Matrix team will apply their experience in law enforcement to 20 sessions throughout the two-year contract.

Captain Andy Humphreys, designated person ashore, who is responsible for all safety matters in Stena Line, said the contract is an opportunity for ferry staff and management to learn about security and response while onboard.

“Disruptive passengers are not something we have to deal with every day on our ferries, or in the ports we own, however, they are a reality we have to prepare for,” Humphreys added.

Matrix’s current primary market is oil and gas, as around 90% of clients come from that sector. However, the business also operates within the construction and transportation industries. Since its formation, the Matrix team has run more than 100 courses in the UK, Europe and the Arab Emirates, together with the provision of independent investigation support during numerous live incidents worldwide.

Stena Line is the largest operator on the Irish Sea offering the biggest fleet and route choice between Britain and Ireland, carrying about three million passengers a year.

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