Passengers of Star Cruises have many reasons to celebrate the return of SuperStar Virgo after her recently-finished $25-million transformation.

For 12 years, the SuperStar Virgo has been crafting holiday memories for hundreds of thousands of passengers from around the world.

They invariably fell in love with the vessel, be it the fun, the food, the cabin, the service, the entertainment, the onboard activities or mostly the whole experience.

Now the ship  has come out of the "green room", all ready for her curtain calls.

During her short reprise, she has perfected a few tricks up her sleeves that promise to surprise all. Passengers will be glad to learn that she has cooked up new recipes and mixed heavenly drinks. She has put together world-class entertainment. She has finished the final touches on a new range of recreation & sports activities, and more.

Gastronomic blow-outs on SuperStar Virgo draw passengers to the vessel like flowers to honey bees. Under the stewardship of renowned executive chef Reinhard Mammes, onboard restaurants are cranking up surprise after surprise. The Blue Lagoon restaurant, famous for its signature Southeast Asian cuisine, pampers passengers’ palettes in appetizing dishes such as Assam fish curry, Hainan Chicken rice, and Dragon Ball noodle. To top it off, a variety of special beverages, such as Cinacino and Mintacino coffee & Peachy Falls and Lychee Lite fruity drinks, adds culinary ingenuity to the menu.

The Chinese restaurant Pavilion brings up-market dining to a new level with tailor-made menus for passengers in its new Taipan VIP rooms. Based on in-season ingredients, Chinese chef Alan Chan can create almost any dishes. For sushi-crazed patrons, Samurai, the vessel’s Japanese restaurant, is the right ticket. Its chefs Jerry Trinidad and Tony Catacutan will stop at nothing to surprise passengers. The restaurant showcases the Japanese delicacy unagi in innovative yet delectable dishes. It plays off the aftertaste with drinks such as Zenith Blues and Sake Bliss.

After a sumptuous meal, it’s high time for passengers to complete the culinary pleasure with exquisite drinks. At the immaculately-decorated Tea Corner at Bellini, a specially trained Chinese tea master serves up the finest Dong Ding Oolong, Liu An and Puh Erh. Head to Celebrity, the vessel’s hip club spot, and passengers will find the ideal place to indulge in shots of vodka supplemented by an extensive snack menu. Puffing premium cigars and sipping refined brandy and whiskey are not just for Mr Big. The new Cigar Lounge at Bellini features the top-list in the cigar world such as Cohiba Lanceros, Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Cohíba Coronas Especiales. Beware to get hooked.

Show business is more razzle-dazzle on SuperStar Virgo. Passengers will be captivated by five new shows from Asian and international talents. First, they will step into the magical world of Charles Bach, an illusion master of international acclaim. From Feb 3, he will headline at Underwater Escape, a death-defying attempt to escape 100 pounds of sturdy chains, locks and shackles, and Wonders, a festival of magic, comedy, dance and grand illusion.

From the magical to the whimsical, the award-winning Filipino ventriloquist Wanlu entertains passengers and gives life to his puppets in hilarious marionettes, puppetry workshop and photo sessions. Yan Ting, Malaysia’s charming prince of Broadway, classic and jazz, and Johnny “Elvis” Thompson, one of the best Elvis-impersonators, wrap up the new line-up. SuperStar Virgo’s awe-inspiring acrobatic, gymnastic and choreographic performances, including Reflections of Russia, Aero Duo, Amazonian Duo, Alesya and The Sailors, continue to capture the audience’s imagination.

Tickle your funny bones on SuperStar Virgo. Whether you have nimble feet or two left feet, it will be great fun to loosen up in activities like “Chair Dance” and “Line Dancers Club”. You can’t go wrong in easy-to-follow dance steps and upbeat music. Have you ever wondered why people laugh to tears when they are being hit by ball after ball? Check it out yourself at our “Dodge Ball” games.

Who says that fun and learning can’t mix? SuperStar Virgo has lined up educational activities that excite and enrich children’s minds. Through simple scientific experiments at the Child Care Centre (like making their own mini quicksand, toy parachute and tornado-in-a-bottle), children will learn the basics of how things work around them.

These are only but a few of the activities that the ship crew has prepared for the passengers. Passengers might have a hard time picking which activities to join, including dance party, flash mob, splashing contest at the swimming pool, singing and quiz contests.

Service from the heart makes all the difference in a holiday. SuperStar Virgo’s crew pours their heart out in every sail to deliver warm hospitality and pay close attention to passengers’ needs. While SuperStar Virgo has undergone an inside-and-out refurbishment, her 1,100-strong international crew also refreshed their service skills, attempting to outdo themselves. The crew is also donning newly-designed uniforms to greet passengers with a dash of heart-warming smile.