Star Cruises and Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) today jointly announce the launch of wireless services onboard Star Cruises’ ships in Asia.

This follows the signing of a multi-year agreement between the two companies to provide cellular wireless services to guests and crew members on SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Aquarius and Star Pisces.

Starting today, passengers and crew on SuperStar Aquarius can stay connected with friends and families while cruising to various destinations in Asia Pacific.

The service enables them to make and receive telephone calls, send text messages, access emails and surf the internet at rates similar to international roaming. The service will be rolled out gradually on the other three vessels.

Mr Kenny Ng, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Genting Hong Kong, said: “We are pleased to work together with Wireless Maritime Services to provide quality mobile services for our cruise passengers and ship crews. As a leading cruise line in Asia Pacific, Star Cruises continues to enrich our passengers’ cruising experience with value-adding technologies as well as new travel products.”

He continued: “The new mobile service onboard lets passengers stay connected to share their holiday joy with friends and families while having fun cruising with us. This service comes in good time with the launch of our new Sanya-Vietnam cruise starting this month. Passengers of this inaugural cruise will be the first to experience this marriage of convenience and travel pleasure.”

Mr. Jim McKenna, Vice President of Customer Support and Product Management for WMS, added: “We are truly delighted that Star Cruises has partnered with WMS to provide cellular service to both guests and crew on SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Aquarius and Star Pisces. Star Cruises is an award-winning cruise line leader that creates terrific cruise experience for their guests, and we’re honored to be a part of the communications element of that experience.

“While every customer of ours is a valued partner, the start of our relationship with Star Cruises is especially exciting as it represents a significant expansion by WMS into the Asia Pacific region. We have long had a strong advantage with roaming agreements with hundreds of telecommunications carriers around the world, including our agreement with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone operator, and we look forward to leveraging these resources for the benefit of Star Cruises and all of their passengers throughout Asia,” continued McKenna.

WMS services allow guests and crew members traveling onboard the Star Cruises ships to use their cell phones as they currently do on land while the ships are at sea. Connectivity is activated when the ship leaves port and turned off when in range of land-based providers. WMS provides uninterrupted service to guests and crew so they can stay in touch with family, friends or business associates back home while they enjoy the experiences of their cruise.