In fall of 2012, the Jondal tunnel between Rosendal and Jondal will open for cruise passengers in Hardangerfjord, Norway.

Passengers from both cruise destinations will then be able to visit attractions in the neighboring municipality. For instance, access to the Folgefonna glacier and the summer skiing center for Rosendal passengers will be much easier; the tour will take about one hour each way.

Norway’s longest suspension bridge, the Hardanger Bridge, will open in June 2013. This will make the fjord crossing both more efficient and cheaper compared with today’s crossing.

No more ferry delays or congestion, and payment per bus, not per passenger. A new tunnel from Ulvik to Voss will shorten the distance by several kilometers. Eidfjord and Ulvik will be closer, and Voss will only be 45 minutes away from Eidfjord.