The Cornell School of Hotel Administration has announced a new, online Master Certificate in Foodservice Management.

Authored by Cornell faculty, this advanced certificate examines the issues and challenges of the foodservice industry and outlines strategies that contribute to a successful foodservice operation.

Core courses focus on a systems approach to foodservice management. Participants will learn how to manage the major areas of menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and control systems. Assess the effectiveness of several foodservice systems, use a service blueprint to improve the service delivery process and increase profits, and examine such variables as client flow, menu planning, dining time, optimal table mix, meal duration, and variable pricing.

Elective courses focus on marketing or financial management. Students can choose the pair that best suits their career needs to round out this certificate program.

The Master Certificate in Foodservice Management consists of 18 online courses and is appropriate for foodservice professionals in the hospitality industry, including cruise lines, hotels, chain and independent restaurants, as well as professionals from other disciplines seeking to transition into foodservice management.



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