Windstar Cruise Lines has selected CTI Group’s product, SeaPay, a Visa Payroll Debit Card.

SeaPay will be implemented on all three ships - Wind Star, Wind Spirit, and Wind Surf - beginning in Fall 2011.  Crew education seminars on the SeaPay product will take place onboard each ship with appropriate officers in attendance as well as SeaPay representatives.

To ensure proper transition to SeaPay, roll out time fleet wide is expected to beonly three to four weeks.  Robert Upchurch, CEO/President of CTI Group Worldwide explained: “SeaPay  was the obvious choice for Windstar because it stands apart from other maritime payroll systems  by delivering services such as money transfers, phone top ups, bill pay,  access to mobile and SMS services, and other wide-ranging exclusive benefits.SeaPay™is the maritime industry’s idealdebit card payroll system because it really is an all-inclusive global solution.”

But the SeaPay product isn’t just for crew convenience.  The online customizable Corporate Dashboard System allows executives to track money movement and disbursements in real-time.  It also enables Paymasters onboard to trace payroll and add tips to individual crew accounts. 

Added Upchurch,  “Windstar executives will see immediate benefits from the SeaPay™ product once implemented because it eliminates the need for excessive onboard storage of non-interest bearing cash,  reduces payroll preparation hours, envelopestuffing, storage and distribution, and reduces the cost of security and exchange rate fees.”