With sponsors from both sides of the aisle, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday evening expressing thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for the line’s economic contributions to the state while operating in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Calling Carnival “a conscientious good corporate citizen of this State,” the House recognized that cruise operations in the Port of Charleston in 2010 brought an estimated $37 million impact to the area, and that each Carnival ship was responsible for around $323,000 in local direct spending. Additional survey data indicates that a high percentage of travelers (97%) visiting Charleston for the first time to embark on a Carnival ship are likely to return to the city.

Further, the Resolution points to Carnival’s environmental stewardship. The line has voluntarily set strict environmental standards and practices that exceed federal and international law, thereby complementing the South Carolina Ports Authority’s commitment to operating in a balanced and environmentally sensitive manner.

Read the full Resolution here: http://scstatehouse.net/sess119_2011-2012/prever/4371_20110614.htm