The new Seabourn Quest received a surprise visit by its smaller sister, Seabourn Legend, last week off the coast of Italy.

On the evening of June 7, as international travel partners and media were gathering for pre-dinner cocktails on Seabourn Quest, Captain Magnus Bengtsson made a surprise announcement from the bridge. Seabourn Legend, under the command of Captain Erik Lund Anderssen, was "in the neighborhood" and wished to make a courtesy visit to welcome its newly-minted sister to the Seabourn family. Staff and guests poured to the windows and out onto the deck to see Seabourn Legend sailing toward Seabourn Quest.

As Seabourn Legend approached in the late sunlight, the ship turned slowly to reveal guests and crew lined along the decks, just as they were on Seabourn Quest.  The two ships offered everyone on deck a lingering opportunity to admire their graceful profiles, as crew members greeted friends serving on the other ship, and guests exchanged waves and salutes. Both ships sounded their horns, and then Seabourn Legend slowly pulled away to continue its voyage, and everyone on Seabourn Quest returned to their evening's activities.