PreGel AMERICA announced its 2011-2012 Novelties campaign revealing seven new products that promise to evoke a nostalgic journey for both the businesses presenting them and the consumers tasting them.

Under the campaign, “American-Inspired, Italian Made,” the seven featured novelty products include: Pino Pinguino® Chocolate Topping, Mango Super Sprint, Salted Peanut Traditional Paste, Grisbi® Chocolate Nocciola Arabeschi (Hazelnut Cookies & Cream), Krocco Peanut Arabeschi® (Peanut Cereal Crunch), Cherry Bon Arabeschi®, and Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coating Kits.

PreGel AMERICA has a great annual tradition of releasing a small selection of products that are just right for the market. This year’s novelties really speak to the big trend of reinventing or reinterpreting the classics. More and more consumers are seeking out their favorite traditional desserts with new sophisticated twists. Bringing dessert classics back into the limelight and creating a newfound demand takes a great vision, innovative ingredients and stunning presentation – and PreGel AMERICA has done exactly this with their 2011-2012 Novelties.

“We understand that Americans love the desserts that bring back fond childhood memories,” said Marco Casol, president and CEO, PreGel AMERICA. “Knowing this, we wanted to create a more modern interpretation.”

Each new novelty has something to new and different to offer:  Pino Pinguino® Chocolate Topping maintains a fudgy, softness while in a frozen environment. The product has an incredible amount of applications including marbling gelato or ice cream, topping gelato cakes or drizzling on top of soft serve.

Mango Super Sprint is made from aromatic, tropical mangos and can be presented as a soft serve or a sorbetto. The flavor immediately makes you think of surfboards and sunsets, and is in one word, glamorous.

Salted Peanut Traditional Paste features roasted and salted peanut pieces and presents the idea of all-American peanuts in a new sophisticated way. Grisbi® Chocolate Nocciola Arabeschi® (Hazelnut Cookies & Cream) highlights the authentic Italian Grisbi® cookie, and tastes just like cookies and cream with a hint of hazelnut.

The Arabeschi® is very crunchy and the flavor appeals to a wide range of palates. It can be used to create different high-end pastries or simply as a dessert topping. Krocco Peanut Arabeschi® (Peanut Cereal Crunch) is a wonderful golden paste enriched with cereals that truly taste of fresh-made peanut butter cookies.

This Arabeschi® is unique because it marks the journey from grandma’s kitchen to high-end pastry shops with its new, innovative applications.

Cherry Bon Arabeschi® features fresh and chewy pieces of Italian cherries in a sweet sauce. It can be used as a topping for gelato or soft serve or even as a filler for pastry.

The flavor is reminiscent of a sweet cherry sauce from an old fashion sundae parlor. Coriandolina® Popsicle Novelty Kits feature the trendy flavors of coffee, white chocolate, strawberry, chocolate and lemon in a popsicle coating form. The most notable feature of the product is that the coating doesn’t break or crack, which makes it easy to eat. Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coating Kits come with a mold and holder.

“The nostalgia our 2011-2012 Novelties create is really the most exciting part of unveiling them,” said Jillian Hillard, Marketing Manager, PreGel AMERICA. “We know when our customers make their creations and present them to their audience that it will evoke some type of cherished memory and hopefully allow them to smile and reminisce.”

To learn more about PreGel’s Novelties, check out the company’s Novelty video link featuring the President & CEO of PreGel AMERICA Marco Casol.