Steven GordonAs a result of substantial growth and considerable product expansion, CKI (Cadence Keen Innovations) has recently promoted Steven Gordon, formerly Sr. VP of Sales/Marketing to the new position of president of the privately held company.  As part of the recognition of Gordon’s significant contribution to the growth and expansion of CKI, Montross has appointed him to be President.

Gordon brought 30 years of sales and marketing management experience to CKI and used that experience to grow the company.

Despite a severe economic downturn, he has doubled sales and increased the company's customer base by 600%.

As an executive vice president, Gordon previously grew a family owned business into a multi-million dollar company; that company was named one of the 500 Fastest Growing Businesses in America by INC Magazine. He also holds design patents and a law degree from George Washington University. 

Before going into the business world, he was a trial attorney with the Justice Department.

While Ms. Montross invents or designs many of the products sold by CKI, (such as the Bed MadeEZ mattress lifter) Gordon steers the launch and sales of the new products.  Besides expanding the retail and catalog sectors of CKI's business, the company has also broadened into the Healthcare industry.

“Every entrepreneur’s challenge is to find the right people to take on leadership positions,” says Montross. 

“Over the years Steven has proven his competency in building the company with passion and using the same good business ethics with which I started the business.” As CEO, she will continue to develop innovative products and handle the financial aspects of the business.  Gordon, as president, will focus on operations, sales and marketing