Fine cuisine using only the best quality ingredients and an ethical approach to fish and other gastronomical delights is the proud standard by which MSC Cruises is known.

Better still, guests have come to know that they can savour new regional Italian specialties each and every day in a seemingly endless discovery of delicacies that have defined the cuisine as one of the finest in the world.

With the arrival of spring, MSC Cruises is introducing the masterpiece of Italian gastronomy: fresh homemade pasta. To guarantee the traditional taste, the pasta will only be made from the highest quality semolina from selected Italian mills where the very best varieties of durum wheat is used in the grinding.

Pappardelle, tagliatelle, caserecce, gnocchi, ravioli and much more will be prepared daily with the love and passion of the talented MSC Italian Chefs on board each ship. They will also guarantee the tight control of the production process from beginning to end to ensure the unique distinctive flavours of these specialities are perfectly preserved to set guests’ taste buds tingling.

MSC Melody will be the first ship to feature the new range of MSC Cruises’ fresh homemade pastas from Friday March 25th - something that is sure to be greeted with great anticipation from lovers of haute-cuisine.

But this is not all. Indeed, not only does MSC Cruises constantly strive to provide the best quality of products, it is also committed to carrying its policy of responsibility towards conservation and the environment right through to its menus as well.

The company is therefore proud to announce that it will avoid serving any dishes involving the use of Bluefin Tuna and in so doing support international strategies to safeguard the future of endangered species.

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