MSC Cruises has installed FC ResOnline throughout its fleet, according to software developer and cruise IT provider Fidelio Cruise. ResOnline ensures that the same passenger reservation information is available both onboard the ships and ashore.

According to Fidelio, the system provides automatic real-time fully synchronized data in a form and frequency defined by the cruise line, thus eliminating the need for staff intervention and the risk of human error.

In a prepared statement, Giuseppe Flammia, MSC’s chief information officer, said that the line is now able to standardize and manage the flow of information between ships and shore much more effectively. He also said that the goal is to create a seamless environment for reservation data transfers, which ultimately, will allow a more efficient embarkation process and higher service standards to guests.

A key benefit of ResOnline is that a cruise ticket can be sold until just a few hours before a cruise with all the relevant passenger information transferred to the ship. Any changes are also automatically transferred.

ResOnline can support one or more data sources and allows customers to customize data transfer requirements. A data repository holds information for validation, comparison and business logic processing.

According to Fidelio, the system was first installed ashore and then deployed ship by ship throughout the MSC fleet, and is now fully operational.