MSC Cruises have done it again! Last year they took the market by storm with the launch of MSC Yacht Club. And now, far from resting on their laurels, the family-owned Italian company has announced a comprehensive array of new features that make this very special experience even more outstanding. But to fully appreciate these significant new enhancements, it would be best to reconsider just what’s involved in MSC’s innovative offering for the most discerning cruise-goers.

MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive ship within a ship, located on the prestigious foredecks of MSC’s designer flagships MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida, which will be joined by a third ship in 2012. Here, served by its own Concierge Reception, is a private world of luxury facilities which at the same time offers full and privileged access to the widely-acclaimed variety of quality sports, leisure, entertainment and gourmet cuisine provided on the flagships in the MSC Fantasia class. So MSC Yacht Club guests not only enjoy superior suites - complete with wood panelling, marble whirlpool bathrooms and widescreen TVs with Nintendo Wii consoles - they also get their own The One Pool and solarium complex, Top Sail panoramic private lounge serving gourmet snacks all day and private lift access direct into the MSC Aurea Spa wellness centre. Adding special distinction, MSC Yacht Club is served by an impeccable Butler Service, creating a unique private club that pampers its members in every way, from gourmet in-suite snacks to valet services, priority theatre bookings and private shopping on board.

Now MSC has announced a whole series of enhancements which will significantly elevate this already extraordinary experience from November 2010. First of all, a number of changes on board have made MSC Yacht Club an entirely self-contained private area of deluxe suites, all enjoying direct lift access to its private facilities and to MSC Aurea Spa, where dedicated treatment rooms are provided for MSC Yacht Club guests.

Equally impressive, the already sophisticated gourmet dining experience has been transformed by placing the most refined restaurant on board each flagship - L’Etoile on MSC Fantasia and L’Olivo on MSC Splendida - exclusively at the service of MSC Yacht Club guests. Located in a panoramic position on the same deck as the Concierge Reception, MSC Yacht Club guests will in addition enjoy an open sitting service, so they can dine in their private restaurant at any hour desired. With an extensive choice of Italian and international delicacies on the menus of The One bar, Top Sail Lounge and dedicated restaurant, Yacht Club guests are assured of superior dining to delight the most varied and discriminating tastes, ranging from the healthy to the superbly indulgent and including many vegetarian specialities as well as finger food appetizers to accompany their aperitifs.

Typical of MSC attention to detail, a host of new personal touches accompany these substantial additions, including a welcome letter from the Captain with bottle of premium Prosecco sparkling wine and bowl of fresh fruit, presented as a private complement to the social occasion of welcome drinks for all MSC Yacht Club guests once the ship has set sail. A series of “sweet surprises” likewise await during each cruise. And of course guests continue to enjoy priority check-in, embarkation and disembarkation, as well as free drinks from their in-suite mini-bars and in the Yacht Club facilities.

With all these enhancements travel agents simply need to let their customers know the details and the MSc Yacht Club will sell itself.