On September 2, the Port of Galveston’s Police Department wrapped-up a three-day Waterside Security operational training and technology demonstration seminar for regional maritime stakeholders and marine law enforcement agencies.

The U. S. Coast Guard, Galveston and Harris County Sheriff’s Departments, the Cities of Galveston and Freeport Police Departments, Galveston Port Police, Ports of Houston, Freeport and Texas City and other regional maritime stakeholders all participated in this seminar to increase their overall capability awareness and to exercise operational response strategies utilizing small craft detection radar, diver detection sonar and side scan sonar.

The Port of Galveston’s Police Department collaborated with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office to provide operational support to include patrol boats and divers.  L-3 Klein and Sonardyne provided technology demonstrations and operational instruction on the various radar and sonar sensors.  The sensors are just a few of the components of an overall port security system that can be deployed in ports in the region.

Joint training between local law enforcement agencies and first responders is a key element in maintaining operational readiness and situational awareness within the region.  Enhanced communication among the regional agencies supports the Area Maritime Security Plan and promotes the most efficient response in the event of an emergency.