MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the global provider of communications, connectivity and content services to remote locations around the world, today announced the expansion of its VSAT coverage in the South Pacific with the activation of Ku-band services on a new satellite beam covering the waters surrounding Australia and New Zealand.

The South Pacific Ku-band beam is uplinked through a teleport in Sydney, which is connected via fiber optic cable into MTN’s extensive terrestrial support infrastructure. It provides significant enhancements to MTN’s fully managed broadband satellite communication services for maritime customers. With MTN’s automatic beam switching technology, vessels’ VSAT antennas are repointed to the South Pacific satellite beam when sailing through these waters to provide seamless connectivity.

“This is an integral part of our ongoing program of continuous improvement for our network,” said Jonathan Weintraub, CEO, MTN. “We expect to add more satellite beams as needed to ensure uninterrupted coverage across all the world’s major ocean routes.”

MTN has been aggressively expanding its global footprint, upgrading its infrastructure, opening sales and services locations and teleports, partnering with experienced resellers, launching innovative products and services, and ensuring they have the skilled manpower to support its customers.

“MTN offers a unique value proposition of extensive worldwide coverage, high network reliability and cost-effective, fixed-price monthly service plans with guaranteed uncontended bandwidth to meet each ship’s communication requirements,” added Weintraub. “To a large extent, this is made possible by our global network infrastructure, which is second-to-none in the industry, and we’re committed to maintaining our position as the technology leader in VSAT services.”