The German navigation system supplier Raytheon Anschütz launches its recently announced new Intelligent Bridge System at this year’s SMM in Hamburg. The Intelligent Bridge System is designed to make navigation more efficient and to simplify operation for users. The Raytheon Anschütz exhibit is located at booth # 320 in Hall B6.

The Intelligent Bridge System features a new generation of wide-screen, task-orientated Multifunction Systems that allow the navigator not only to access all the nautical tasks at the right time but also are ready to integrate flexibly additional tasks such as CCTV, DP system data or engine automation data from the most varied partners. This makes possible the configuration new intelligent display pages with relevant information from different ship systems. Having all these data available at a glance increases situation awareness and offers intuitive help in decision making for the navigator. Thanks to the newly developed Bridge Integration Platform and the use of standardised hardware and software, Raytheon Anschütz offers full scalability and future expandability for any desired system solutions and further reduces the costs of installation and spare parts logistics.

Apart from including the intelligent alert management, Raytheon Anschütz enhances its NautoConning display with the operator interface of the new data management to enable a system wide sensor and source selection menu including a choice between manual and automatic sensor selection. The new data management continuously observes the availability, validity and integrity of all sensor data and calculates a quality indicator for each sensor. Within the automatic sensor selection mode, a set of the best sensor data is compiled automatically and distributed throughout the entire navigation system. Apart from increasing the ship’s safety through intelligent use of on board sensor information, the automatic sensor monitoring and sensor selection reduces work load of officers and pilots on duty.

In addition to the new bridge, Raytheon Anschütz will present the new adaptive NautoPilot 5000 and the latest generation of the Nautosteer AS advanced steering control system.

The NP 5000 features a large graphical display which offers six different day and night modes within an intuitive to operate touch screen. The autopilot uses proven Anschütz steering algorithms, but enhanced to include highly advanced functions for economic and precise navigation such as a new course control operation mode and an integrated steering performance display. The graphical indication of heading changes and all used rudder angles instantaneously shows the effects of changes to parameter settings, being an effective help for operator to optimize steering performance and fuel consumption.

The new Nautosteer AS steering control system can be configured to any steering control system requirements with the relevant redundancy requirements. It is based on CAN-bus technology to offer further improvements in safety such as included wire break monitoring and steering failure monitoring and to decrease installation costs at the shipyard.

With their presentation of the new navigation technology generation, Raytheon Anschütz follows on an approach that combines the know-how of a broad range of own products into a new seamlessly developed integrated bridge system.