Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc. has signed a contract with Roymar Ship Management, Inc. to provide services to help Roymar prepare for certification for the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) new Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), 2006. Expected to come into force in early 2012, MLC, 2006 sets minimum requirements for decent living and working conditions for seafarers on board ships, so enhancing safety and helping create conditions for fair competition among shipowners.

“We certainly want to comply with statutory requirements, but beyond that, we want to look after the well-being of our seafarers,” said Ron Tursi, President, Roymar. “Even though MLC, 2006 has not been ratified yet, we can still benefit from implementing its requirements now.”

The Lloyd’s Register Group of entities has completed more than 100 MLC, 2006 trial inspections worldwide on the full range of ship types, from the largest cruise liners to small coastal vessels. This experience assists clients in their preparation for the implementation of the MLC, 2006 and includes a full range of MLC- related services, including certification. Lloyd's Register North America will conduct a gap analysis against each of the five titles of the MLC, 2006; identify areas for improvement; and issue a report to assist Roymar in reaching full compliance with the regulation. “We have worked very hard to understand how shipowners can best meet the requirements of the MLC, 2006 regulation” says Ed Waryas, Vice President, Lloyd's Register North America. “Our experience with this regulation, and the long working history we have with Roymar, will allow us to support them in the smooth implementation of MLC, 2006 well ahead of the regulatory entry-into-force.”