Wencon of Denmark, which develops and markets epoxy-based repair products for the marine industry, is introducing a workshop concept. The company, which is known for providing epoxy-based repair kits for emergency repairs has developed and certified marine-oriented workshops, in some of the world's major ports, to perform durable repairs with epoxy.

To date, 12 workshops have been certified, and March 2010 a workshop in Italy will be added to the list. "Our goal is to have a certified workshop in all the ports in the world where our customers usually get repairs done," said Managing Director John T. Nielsen.

If a shipowner, for instance, chooses to refurbish a seawater filter with Wencon, it will, when done correctly, retrieve both its initial durability and functionality and typically at a fraction of the cost of a new spare part, according to Wencon. Often the refurbished part is even better than new, since epoxy protects against wear and galvanic corrosion, the company said in a prepared statement. Furthermore it is much easier and faster to mount back the refurbished part then adapting a new one.

"I would almost call it a quadruple win-win situation because the customer saves money, the workshop gets the repair job, we deliver the products and the environment is spared of the CO2 it would cost to produce a new spare part," Nielsen added.

The goal for 2010 is to certify an additional eight workshops around the world.

"Most of the workshops have made a good start and have some projects already, but we think they can do much better. There are plenty of repair jobs out there, especially in these times when the focus is on keeping operating costs down," said Nielsen

Workshops have so far been established in Piraeus, Szczecin, Varna, Rotterdam, Agotnes, Hafnarfjordur, Hamburg, San Roque, Rio de Janeiro, St. John’s (Canada), Dubai and Shanghai.

In addition, Wencon has a substantial number of distributors and stock points around the world.