Kiel has reported 115 calls by 21 different cruise ships for 2009 and a record 290,000 travellers that left or boarded in Kiel. “We can look back on a successful cruise season, in which the tonnage of the ships which called at the port rose by a third”, said Dirk Claus, managing director of the Port of Kiel. The trend to very big cruise ships continues. At peak periods, the Ostseekai Cruise Terminal alone was handling more than 9,000 passengers inside just a few hours. According to Claus, Kiel will surpass its record this year. To date, 138 ship calls have been registered for the summer cruise season 2010, which will start on April 28th with the arrival of the Mona Lisa. Visiting Kiel for the first time this year will be the AIDAcara, which is expected to call 21 times at the Ostseekai. The most frequent guests however will be the vessels of the MSC Cruisesy, among them Poesia.  Claus said: In 2010 we want to surpass the 300,000 mark for cruise ship passengers”.
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