Bud Streeter is the new Vice President and Marine Manager for the United States, including responsibility for Panama, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Previously he was Lloyd’s Register’s Marine Manager Canada and, for the immediate future, he will retain his Canadian responsibilities. Bud has more than 40 years of experience in marine engineering, maritime security, and industry legislative affairs. He takes over from Graham Brown who retired at the end of November 2009 after 28 years of service.

Based in Lloyd’s Register North America’s Fort Lauderdale office, Bud will lead the US marine team in delivering comprehensive solutions to the complex business and technical challenges that shipowners and operators in all sectors are currently facing. “Our clients in the bulk carrier, tanker, container, and passenger-ship sectors are all dealing with a rapidly evolving landscape,” says Bud. “Whether seeking to operate in increasingly demanding physical environments, reducing emissions, lowering operating costs or addressing social issues such as sustainability and organizational integrity, our clients are looking to us for thought leadership as well as effective service delivery.”

Bud’s career experience includes executive positions at Marine Atlantic Inc. and Transport Canada, where he headed Canada’s delegation to various committees of the International Maritime Organization and acted as administrator of the program for the Arctic Water Pollution Prevention Act. “Bud’s keen understanding of legislative and regulatory issues underpinning marine-safety initiatives will strengthen the role we undertake as a Recognized Organization with many governments,” says Tim Protheroe, Regional Marine Manager and President of Lloyd's Register North America, Inc.  “His international connections, strong commitment to marine safety and security will give us a holistic view of the marine industry throughout North America and help strengthen and expand our ability to serve marine clients and stakeholders at a time of significant change in shipping.”

Developing an understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by this new role is Bud’s first priority. “As with my experience with our Canadian team, I am greatly impressed by the caliber and dedication of our employees in the US,” he says. “We will continue to build upon and develop their expertise so we can move into new areas of designing solutions for our clients.”

Bud began his career at the Canadian Coast Guard College in 1969 as an engineering cadet. After obtaining his diploma in Marine Engineering, he sailed on various government and commercial ships and then served as an instructor at the Coast Guard College. Executive positions at a number of marine organizations followed, and Bud joined Lloyd’s Register in April 2002. He served as a member of the Canadian Advisory Council on National Security from its inception in 2005 until August 2009. It is intended that a new appointment for Marine Manager, Canada will be made.