TEAM PBB - Alabama Cruise Terminal - Mobile

TEAM, a leading designer and manufacturer of sophisticated Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) for cruise and ferry terminals officially placed a sophisticated HYDRA PBB into operation at the Alabama Cruise Terminal in Mobile on Nov. 11, with the arrival of the Carnival Fantasy.

Though Hurricane Ida delayed the scheduled start of Carnival Fantasy’s home porting from Mobile for one day, the 2,056-passenger, 855-foot cruise ship docked at the cruise terminal on the Gulf Coast and the passengers embarked on a Western Caribbean cruise via a new comfortable ADA compliant Passenger Boarding Bridge, designed, manufactured and installed by TEAM.

The Alabama Cruise Terminal in Mobile has since its inauguration in 2004 been homeport to the Carnival Holiday. Now, the larger Carnival Fantasy sails from Mobile until May 2010 when it will be replaced by the equally large Carnival Elation, currently home ported in San Diego.

The City of Mobile, owner of the Alabama Cruise Terminal, contracted TEAM in early in 2009 to design and build a mobile passenger access system that could replace the fixed access system which was installed in 2004. TEAM assembled the new PBB in the Port of Tarragona, Spain, and transported the complete structure per ship to Mobile where it arrived at the end of September. Sheila Gurganus, general manager of the Alabama Cruise Terminal commented: “We are very satisfied with how TEAM managed the whole project and were capable of delivering the mobile passenger boarding bridge in time for the Carnival Fantasy. With the flexibility of this unique boarding system we are now able to operate for a wider range of cruise ships”.

This HYDRA Passenger Boarding Bridge, equipped with 14 motor driven solid tyres can move along the whole dock. Electro-mechanically powered elevation systems allow the PBB to connect with cruise ship entry doors at various levels. The boarding bridge is built completely according to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and its glass mounted tunnel sections and air-conditioning significantly enhances comfort for the boarding and disembarking of cruise guests, of all ages.

Unique features of this PBB are the integrated hydraulically powered telescopic ramps at both the seaside and terminal side cabins. Attached to the cruise ship door at seaside, the docking ramp automatically follows the vessel’s movements and will immediately undock in the event of an emergency. At terminal side the telescopic ramp provides the flexibility to connect with various entrances along the oval terminal building and the newly built fixed elevated walkway next to the terminal building.

TEAM’s PBBs are designed and manufactured to have operational reliability by means of a main and a back-up power source, provide clearance for continuous truck, equipment and supplies traffic on the quay and to be compliant with all up-to-date international safety and security standards.

TEAM, founded in 1991, is an engineering and services company with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Monzón (Spain) and Miami (USA). TEAM is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation and maintenance of sophisticated passenger boarding bridges for cruise and ferry terminals. TEAM also designs and builds special transport trailers under the TRABOSA brand and offers a wide range of innovative products and maintenance services solutions for port and airport terminals around the world.