The US Coast Guard has delegated authority to Lloyd's Register to issue MARPOL Annex VI International Air Pollution Prevention Certificates (IAPP) on their behalf to US flag vessels.
The IAPP delegation completes the full suite of delegated authorities available to Lloyd’s Register for marine vessels as a recognised organisation with the US flag administration.

To formalise the new statutory authorisation, Richard Sadler, Chief Executive Officer of Lloyd’s Register, participated in a joint signing ceremony with Rear Admiral Brian Salerno and his staff at their headquarters in Washington, DC. Admiral Salerno is the United States Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety and Security.

Before the signing ceremony, Sadler met privately with the Commandant of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Thad Allen. In what seemed a most appropriate welcoming gesture, an American bald eagle, the national emblem of freedom in the United States, flew directly overhead as Sadler walked into the USCG building for the meetings.

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