Voyages of Discovery sais it has become the first cruise company launch online video itineraries for individual cruises. Each new winter cruise from Voyages of Discovery has been brought to life through a short ‘video brochure’ to give potential voyagers a taste of what they can expect from their.

The videos capture the magic of each of the winter cruises using footage and images taken from onboard Discovery and from excursions at every destination.

The videos add a completely new dimension to the marketing of cruises, capitalising on the advantages of the internet in reaching customers and bringing to life the possibilities of every cruise, according to a press release from the cruise line.

Each video is roughly 1 minute 30 seconds long and makes up a chapter from a film of the entire winter program.

“We are always looking for effective ways to communicate our unique style of discovery cruising”, said Jos Dewing, head of marketing at Voyages of Discovery. “Video adds a completely new dimension to the marketing mix and is a great medium to demonstrate what makes a Voyages of Discovery cruise so unique in the marketplace.”

Cruises that feature the new videos can be seen When browsing the website, customers will also see ‘Watch Cruise Video’ banners.