Travelzoo, a global Internet media company, has announced that it has surpassed 17 million subscribers to its global publications, and saw its largest increase in subscribers in company history in the second quarter of 2009.

“We have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of subscribers over the past three months,” said Holger Bartel, CEO, Travelzoo. “Our rapid growth is the result of a winning combination of efficiencies in subscriber marketing campaigns, deals with exceptional value, enthusiastic word-of-mouth and an engaged and active subscriber base.”

During the second quarter, Travelzoo added a total of 1.6 million new subscribers to its e-mail publications, a company record.

In Europe alone, Travelzoo has surpassed three million subscribers, and saw an increase of 50 percent in the second quarter versus the same time last year.

Travelzoo’s European division publishes its weekly Top 20® newsletter and Newsflash e-mail alerts to subscribers in the U.K., Germany, France and Spain.

Travelzoo also reports 12.4 million subscribers in North America and 1.5 million subscribers in Asia Pacific.

Travelzoo operates in 11 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to source, verify and publish the best travel and entertainment deals. Travelzoo’s deal experts around the world follow a one-of-a-kind process to scour the market to find the hottest deals as well as rigorously testing the deals to ensure they are bookable and of extraordinary value, before alerting subscribers.

Travelzoo operates independently. The company is not associated with an online travel agency or a business conglomerate.

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