In 2008, Belize was chosen to host the Third World Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations. This conference was slated to be held in May 2009; however, due to the H1N1 Influenza A Virus Pandemic it has been postponed until October 19-23, 2009.

Nonetheless, Belize, with the guidance of ICRT Belize, remains committed to carry out this once in a lifetime opportunity that would lift Responsible Tourism and Development into the world’s viewing pleasure, for the first time from a stage within the Western Hemisphere.

The Third International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (RTD-3) will be held at the University of Belize’s Auditorium in the Capital City of Belmopan. The Conference is being co-chaired by Belize’s Ministry of Tourism and Professor Harold Goodwin of the ICRT of Leeds Metropolitan University- UK, with sponsorship from the Belize Tourism Board and other local and international organizations.

The Conference Agenda will focus on six themes, each particularly relevant to tourism in Belize and the immediate Caribbean and Central American regions, and the world. These topics includes: Tourism and Local Economic Development; Impacts of Tourism on the Marine and Coastal Zone; Impacts of Cruise Tourism in Belize and around the world; Second homes, condominiums and their impact on local communities; Climate Change and Tourism; and the newly added Tourism Planning for Global Pandemics and Natural Disaster.

The International Centre for Responsible Tourism-Belize (ICRT-Belize) is the Central American and Caribbean arm of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism–United Kingdom (ICRT-UK). All ICRT branches share a common objective which is to work with the private sector, government and local communities to “take responsibility for achieving sustainable tourism, and to create better places for people to live in and for people to visit” wherever they are located.

ICRT- Belize and the country of Belize would like to extend its gratitude to all present registered participants, our table of presenters, and partners that have made this effort thus far possible.

ICRT – Belize would also like to extend an invitation to all interested participants worldwide to join us as we realize this third of its kind conference, the very first in the Western Hemisphere.