Mount Vernon Distribution located in Johnston, SC and is positioned for quick access to the ports of Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA for ocean container delivery. With nine docks for easy delivery and a trailer drop lot, MV Distribution is equipped to facilitate faster delivery service with virtually no long wait time. Upon receipt, goods can be de-palletized and stored in cases, bales, rolls, or individual SKUs. Additionally, individual SKUs can be stored in enclosed plastic storage units for protection. Mount Vernon’s distribution center offers a grand 300,000 square feet of floor space with high bay racked storage allowing for ample space for all goods received. Drive-in pallet racks provide quick and safe turnaround for palletized goods.

Mount Vernon Distribution is equipped to process standard case pack orders as well as custom direct to store or consumer orders that consist of a random product mixture. Te system is capable of processing on average over 26,000 packages or 4000 cases in a single 8-hour shift. The orders are processed through a fully automated conveyor system to reduce man-hours and cost in the handling of the product.

Our automated pick and pack system can provide multiple SKUs per case for unlimited assortment options. Dual counts and weight verifications help ensure your goods are packed with no errors. Individual case packing lists generated at our pack stations provide clients with accurate documentation for their receipts. Also, individual unit bar-coding for pre-price and tracking can be provided by customer level suited to your specific delivery destinations. 

Bar-coded UCC 128 shipping labels provide easy scanning of receipts at the final destination.