T.Mariotti shipyard has delivered to Seabourn Cruise Line (the luxury brand of Miami
based Carnival Corporation & PLC) the new ultra luxury flagship Seabourn Odyssey.
The first of the 550 million Euros Seabourn’s order for three sisterships intended to be the
ultimate example of luxury and hi-technology completely “Made in Italy”.

Seabourn Odyssey launch marks the introduction of the industry’s first new luxury cruising
vessel in over 6 years – and Seabourn’s first newly built ship in more than 15 years. This
witnesses Seabourn confidence in the luxury segment of the cruising market and its future

On the 24th june Seabourn Odyssey has been christened in an intimate ceremony, inspired
by the elegance and the unique style that She will bring in the seas.

An unforgettable ceremony on board, at main deck, with a sunset at Sette Martiri as a
backdrop, not far from Piazza San Marco. All affectionate guests sailing on the Maiden
Voyage have been named 'godparents' with the breaking of a bottle of Italian Prosecco
produced in the same area where the Seabourn Odyssey newbuilding begun.

The design by Yran & Storbraaten Architects (Norway) is intended to feature the highest
charm and innovation in the cruise industry, blending luxury and elegance with advanced
technologies and new materials.

Safety on board, air and sea protection are the foundations of the project.

Seabourn Odyssey and the three forthcoming sisterships are Green ships.

Green Star is the highest rating for ships employing advanced wastewater treatment
technology to minimixe pollution and protect the air and sea environment.

The ships will be powered with two fully independent propulsion systems for safe travel
even in case of emergency.

All the three Green Ships comply with the latest IMO (International Maritime Organization)
safety standards for damage stability that come into force in 2009, even though the
construction begun before the new rules take effect.

“Building Seabourn Odyssey required us at T.Mariotti to be creative and to seek out new
ways to build a new kind of vessel” Marco Bisagno (Chairman of Genova based T.Mariotti
shipyard) says “I think Seabourn Odyssey is a further step ahead in the cruise shipbuilding
field; She is listed as a Yacht of Seabourn, in fact this ship features the same allure and
comfort required to a yacht, and a technical complexity expected by a ship”.

The construction engaged an average of about one thousand people just for onboard
works, providing additional oppurtunity for employment.

Founded in 1928, combining since then a carachteristic high degree of
craftmanship with the ultimate technologies and design, T.Mariotti confirms itself
as a world leader in the field of ultra luxury cruise shipbuilding. The ship just
delivered is a further exemple of innovation, starting the next generation of intimate
ultra luxury cruising vessels, crafting new templates for all shipbuilders.

The new, 32,000 GRT ship, 198 mt long accommodates her guests in 225 luxury suites
(ninety percent of which offer private verandas) with one of the highest space-per-guest
ratios in the industry. The newest largest Seabourn vessel shows a key Seabourn brand
feature, which is unusual on a vessel of this size, the addition of a “marina” on the stern of
the ship that can be lowered into the sea for swimming and water sports.

While Seabourn Odyssey sets off on her world wanderings, the second ultra luxury
Seabourn newbuilding to become Seabourn Sojourn, will begin her journey from CI.MAR.
out of the Adriatic and up the Italian coast to Genova and in mid july will take her place in
the T.Mariotti building site for completion in less than a year’s time. The third hull is
already growing at San Giorgio di Nogaro.