The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) today refuted statements made by Impregilo SpA President Massimo Ponzellini, which indicated that said company obtained the highest rating in the technical evaluation for the contract to design and build the Panama Canal’s new set of locks.

The ACP categorically denies the statements made by Ponzellini, which were subsequently reported by Reuters, claiming that Impregilo SpA (and its Grupo Unidos por el Canal consortium partners), obtained the “highest score” in the technical evaluation for said contract. The technical evaluation process is still very much underway, and the ACP has yet to determine the information.

Once the technical evaluation is completed, all of the proposals will move to a stage of internal and external audits to validate the procedures. From there, a date will be set to announce, in a public ceremony, the results of the technical proposals and to open the envelopes containing the price of each proposal. Currently, these envelopes remain sealed in an independent and secure vault in Panama’s National Bank.

Therefore, Ponzellini’s claims are totally inaccurate when announcing a June 29 date for this public ceremony. Again, this is yet to be determined by the ACP.

Rest assured, the ACP leadership remains firmly committed to a fair, rigorous and transparent bid process.