MSC Cruises recently announced a partnership with the Olympus Corporation of Japan, world leader in the manufacture of optical systems and innovative Non-Destructive Testing devices used in industry. This agreement is designed to guarantee the safety of machinery and equipment aboard the MSC Cruises fleet using the latest technological innovation to be employed in the shipbuilding industry, the portable video-scope iplex-fx.

The IPLEX-FX features a 6.5” anti-glare, transreflective LCD monitor, a highly portable control unit housed in a magnesium chassis which is water/dust/shock proof and a flexible probe that can be used to inspect engines, hull bulkheads and auxiliary equipment and installations. By using Remote Visual Inspection, MSC Cruises technicians will quickly be able to check the remote, hard-to-access areas without having to perform expensive disassembly. It is particularly useful for identifying occlusion of tubes and filters, cracks and corrosion due to rust amongst many others.

The probe is resistant to harsh environments, can be immersed in fluids and features an articulating tip controlled by joystick, which can be rotated through 360 degrees. The head of the instrument features interchangeable optical tip adaptors, incorporating a high-intensity LED illumination system and a CCD sensor to capture high-resolution images and movies that can be viewed on the monitor and stored in the control unit.

According to Emilio La Scala, general manager MSC Cruisetech, MSC's target is to maintain high standards of efficiency, reliability and security for the entire fleet.

"Thanks to the video-scope, we can guarantee smooth routine and ad hoc maintenance of our ships, achieving substantial financial benefits by avoiding unnecessary delays and intervening in a targeted, planned and timely way" said La Scala.

Innovation and quality are fundamental, unwavering principles for the Olympus Group, according to Gianpietro Rebughini, managing director of Olympus Italia.

"The vast experience and continuous evolution of medical endoscopy has contributed to the development of a technology for high performance industrial applications, now perfected in the new IPLEX FX range" said Rebughini.