Eniram Ltd., provider of dynamic decision support systems for the shipping industry, today announced the establishment of a new country office in Norway, supported by a new local distribution and deployment service agreement with the Norwegian Frydenbø Power AS. The new distributor is a well known supplier of equipment and services for the shipping Industry in Norway. Frydenbø Power cooperates with LEHMANN & MICHELS GmbH (Lemag), German specialists in the production of technical measuring instruments for large engines and distributors of Eniram’s products in the German market.

The new Eniram office in Oslo, Norway is headed by Finn-Arne Rognstad, appointed Country Manager Norway. He is a Norwegian maritime industry veteran with a strong track record in sales and marketing in companies including Aker Yards and Rolls-Royce Marine.

Eniram seeks to establish a strong presence in Norway, one of the leading maritime marketplaces in the world. Norwegian controlled tonnage is the fifth largest in the world (in deadweight tonnes, Jan 1, 2007). The Norwegian maritime industry is also in the forefront of environmental measures at seas, supported by government-backed innovation programs and tax incentives for environmentally-friendly initiatives. With the new office and strong partner, Eniram extends the local deployment and support capabilities for its flagship product, the Dynamic Trimming Assistant (DTA), designed to increase performance and decrease emissions of seagoing vessels.

Eniram DTA helps vessel officers optimize trim at all times, minimizing water resistance, decreasing fuel consumption, and reducing emissions. The system continuously collects and displays real-time data of the vessel attitude, allowing timely action in changing circumstances. The key metrics are brought to vessel officers in an easy-to-read graphic form, to facilitate faster and better informed decision-making. The DTA has already been deployed in production use in a number of vessels around the world, with customers including world’s leading cruise brands such as Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL).

“With their focus on environmental issues, the Norwegian agglomeration of sea freight carriers is an immensely interesting market for the DTA,” said Mr. Henrik Dahl, Managing Director of Eniram. “As the next step after our initial target group of cruise line operators, we’ve now been in talks with several freight carriers. In these economically challenging times, our proposition to protect the environment by decreasing fuel consumption is clearly appealing. We’re excited to welcome Finn-Arne Rognstad to strengthen our reach in Norway, and look very much forward to cooperating with Frydenbø and Lemag to serve Norwegian vessels operating in international waters.”

“Eniram’s products are complementary to the other environmental friendly products in the Frydenbø Power’s offering and enable us to help our customers even more to save fuel and reduce their emissions”, said Mr. Petter Hesstvedt, Managing Director of Frydenbø Power. “The interest of ship operators and owners is already increasing and we are looking very much forward to serve our customers further.”

“The unique simplicity and common sense approach of the Eniram system makes it an excellent contributor to saving fuel and the environment,” said Mr. Finn-Arne Rognstad, Country Manager for Norway at Eniram. “I am proud to be a part of this innovative team with such a well balanced combination of engineers and seamen.”

Eniram’s decision support systems are designed by a team of marine system experts, software architects, programmers, naval architects and captains creating a unique combination of expertise. The DTA is based on dynamic data that is automatically retrieved from operational vessel management applications and purpose-built sensors using sensor network technology.

The core of the DTA software is a multidimensional analysis model, which continuously calculates the key forces affecting the vessel attitude. In fleet-wide use, the system can be extended to provide shipping companies with compounded vessel performance data for more efficient fleet management.

Eniram introduced the Dynamic Trimming Assistant (DTA) to the global maritime market in July 2008. Finland-based Eniram established its first overseas subsidiary, Eniram Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in September 2008. As the next step, Eniram is looking at expanding their presence in the Asian market.