The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) released the following statement today in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to address ship air emissions:

“The Cruise Lines International Association and the cruise industry take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. We are committed to working with the Environmental Protection Agency and international environmental regulators in order to reduce our environmental footprint wherever our vessels operate in the world. Today, our industry meets or exceeds all applicable international and federal air emissions requirements, in addition to more stringent state clean air rules, such as those in California.

“In particular, CLIA’s member lines have invested significantly over the last decade to develop and implement new technologies that help to reduce air emissions. These steps include:

• Utilizing shore-based power where available, allowing ship engines to be shut down while at port,
• Using smokeless gas-turbine engines that significantly reduce exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxide (by 85 percent) and sulfur oxide (by more than 90 percent),
• Launching a demonstration project with “exhaust scrubber” technologies that reduce particulate matter and sulfur oxide emissions,
• Using low-sulfur and alternative fuel options such as biodiesel, and
• Encouraging manufacturers to develop more efficient engine designs, including diesel electric engines that allow much of the engine power to shut down when power demand is less.”

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