Tauck World Discovery has expanded its 2009 offerings for solo cruisers, coming to the aid of those feeling the combined pinch of the economic slowdown and the “single supplement” typically levied on those traveling alone.

Tauck has nearly doubled the number of departures with reduced single supplements, from 28 to 53, and increased the average savings from $1,990 to over $2,100.  The company has also boosted the average supplement reduction from 65% to 74%, with two river cruises actually having the supplement eliminated completely.

“The single supplement can be a significant barrier for many solo cruisers, and in a tough economy, it can loom even larger,” said Tauck CEO Dan Mahar.  “We’ve done our best to reduce it or eliminate it on selected trips and departures for a number of years, but this year our team has gone above and beyond to make sure that solo cruisers get the very best value possible with Tauck.”

Beyond the substantial cost savings, Mahar pointed to other benefits to the Tauck program.  “Eliminating or reducing the single supplement on any departure virtually assures that there will be other solo travelers on the same sailing,” explained Mahar.  “Having other solo cruisers along provides camaraderie and companionship at meals, and eliminates any self-consciousness that a single traveler might otherwise feel.”

A total of ten Tauck cruise itineraries are included in the supplement reduction program; five European river cruises, four small-ship Mediterranean voyages, and one itinerary showcasing Istanbul and the Black Sea.





Tauck Itinerary 

Single Price*

(in $$$)






River Cruises




"Holland & Belgium In Spring"




"Budapest To The Black Sea"




"The Blue Danube"




"The Rhine And Moselle"




"Amsterdam To Budapest By Riverboat"








Ocean Cruises




"Treasures Of The Mediterranean"




"Sicily, The Amalfi Coast & Rome"




"Venice & The Dalmatian Coast"




"Istanbul And The Black Sea"




"Mediterranean Discovery"








• Savings as high as $3,000 (average savings over $2,000)

• Supplement reduced by 74% on average, and as much as 100%.

• Total itineraries: 10

• Total departures: 53

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