The new fast rescue boat HD720 ASI by Norwegian-based Brude Safety AS is built in seawater resistant aluminium and is divided into four watertight compartments. Compared to expanded foam, this is said to be far more environmentally friendly and is claimed to give several advantages, such as lower weight, no fungal, easy inspection, no inside corrosion and, possibly most importantly, easy maintenance and repair.

The 7.2 m long and 2.4 m wide rescue boat is said not only to have excellent reliability, manoeuvrability as well as sea-keeping abilities, but is designed to serve for other tasks as well. Further to its prime function as a search and rescue boat, it may, at the same time, serve as a dive support vessel, a patrol boat or being used for other work-boat related duties.

Thanks to its own low weight of just 1,890 kg, the new boat by Brude Safety has an impressive payload: While it is designed for 6 persons, it can carry up to 15 people. It is designed and built according to SOLAS 83, amendment 96, LSO Code. The propulsion consists of a 220 HP BUKH+Steyr SOLAS 236 and an Almarin 230 waterjet, providing a speed of 34 knots with 3 persons onboard and a bollardpull of 450 kg.

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