Grenada is expected to accommodate 313,910 passengers and 231 cruise ships in 2010, compared to 302,562 passengers and 229 ships this year, according to Esther Thomas, head of research and planning for the Grenada Board of Tourism.

In 2010, 204,041 passengers are slated to arrive during the winter months (January-April), and 109,869 during the summer months (May-December). This year 196,665 will arrive in the winter, and 105,897 in the summer.

Expected revenue generated by the cruise industry in 2009 is more than $24 million, compared to $23 million last year, and more than $25 million in 2010, Thomas said.

Grenada had 292,712 passengers and 221 calls in 2008, compared to 270,259 passengers and 258 calls in 2007.