Halton Offering Mobile Isolation Units

Mobile Isolation Unit

Halton, a major supplier to the cruise industry and shipyards, has a new Mobile Isolation Unit available that supports the recovery of patients, the company announced.

The unit is a high-level container-based isolation unit equipped with an air management system. With the isolation capabilities and climate control, the Mobile Isolation Unit can treat highly infectious disease patients by providing optimal room conditions to prevent diseases from spreading while enabling the best healing for patients, according to the company.

The Mobile Isolation Unit offers a quick set-up solution to provide fast support for the healthcare systems in various types of installation sites.

The air management system of the Mobile Isolation Unit provides optimal thermal and epidemiological conditions. Engineering controls ensure that negative room pressure is achieved inside the unit. The negative room pressure prevents airborne contaminants from drifting to other areas and contaminating patients, medical staff, and sterile equipment. The units are equipped with air-purifiers as well to increase the safety and healthiness of the space. The low noise level of the air management system increases comfort for the patient and the medical team.

The concept of the Mobile Isolation Unit varies from a single patient isolation room with an observation room, anteroom, and private bathroom to a modular complex of several isolation units connected by a common corridor, provided as a turn-key solution.

The flexible design concept allows the units to be built in multiple locations and the units can be relocated easily while being fully functional as well. All modules are based on standardized dimensions of 20-foot containers that allows easy transportation, lower transportation costs and increased mobility. Each Mobile Isolation Unit is manufactured at the production plant, equipped according to the client’s order, and delivered on-site ready to operate, according to the company.

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