What should the first ship be called?” TUI Cruises asked the public – and got many answers. More than 11,000 people sent in over 30,000 ideas to the competition for finding a name for TUI Cruises´ first ship. The competition was carried out in cooperation with Bunte, a German celebrity magazine. The term “Mein Schiff“ (which translates as My Ship), which has been used for describing the cruise concept since September, was not only one of the most frequently suggested names, but also proved convincing, according the jury, owing to it being German and conforming well to the concept. Indeed the new ship from

TUI Cruises will be christened “Mein Schiff“ on May 15th. The exterior design of the TUI Cruises ship emphatically reveals the style of the new cruise brand: the ship’s name, together with an abundance of emotional associations with maritime holidays, are emblazoned in flowing calligraphy on the vessel’s side and transform it into an imaginary passenger diary.

“We were overwhelmed by the tremendous response to our search for a name and are most grateful for the sea of creative names,“ said Richard J Vogel, Chief Executive Officer of TUI Cruises. “The name ‚Mein Schiff’, which so many entrants decided on, completely satisfies all the criteria we set for the selection of a name,“ he explained and summed up: ”This name is in the German language, unique in the cruise industry and expresses our core ideas of individuality and room to move“.

Also the exterior design of the ship is terse and to the point. Designed by the Hamburg agency Gürtlerbachmann Werbung – which just recently won the Agency of the Year 2008 award – the exterior design brings classic colour components of the shipping world together with innovative design ideas. On the deep blue background of the ship’s hull are catchphrases such as “Sound of the sea“ and “Calm“, which in their composition put across the idea behind the “Mein Schiff“ and as such behind the new concept of holidaying at sea. The lettering has the character of handwriting and so conveys a very personal touch. The TUI logo on the funnel rounds off the pleasing exterior appearance.

Numerous entrants to the competition suggested “Mein Schiff“ as a name for the ship. Consequently the name of the lucky winner was drawn from the hat: Mr Oliver A Krimmel from Stuttgart. Mr Krimmel, together with an accompanying person, is invited not only to take part in the christening festivities in Hamburg harbour but also to experience the “Mein Schiff“ for eleven days from 29 August on a ”Baltic Impressions“ cruise.