Next Monday the 9th of February, Palacruceros will reopen its operation after being inactive for almost a month and a half due to the serious aftermath of the storm that hit the Catalan coast the latter part of December.

Damages to the terminal were basically localized in the electrical installations, thus affecting all the elements required for normal operation, like mechanical stairs, lifts, safety equipment, air conditioning, etc.

The repair bill totalled some hundred thousend euros.

There are still a lot of minor repairs to be carried out, but the terminal is in perfect working condition for the operation of cruise ships.

Costa Crociere's Costa Marina will be the first ship to operate, with about 600 passengers in transit and about 10 boarding and disembarking passengers.

Palacruceros wishes to express their appreciation for all the disinterested acts of kindness and help received during the days following the storm and make special mention of the companies Unitec Gestión y Servicios and ACFM which were key in meeting the repair objectives in such a short amount of time.

The Palacruceros was inaugurated on April 24 2007 and for this amazing building Costa Crociere invested a total of 12 million euros. It is located in an area of approximately 5500 square meters on the "Adosado" pier; the Port of Barcelona has given Costa Crociere a 25-year concession on the site. The terminal can accommodate cruise ships of any tonnage, length and capacity, including the largest liners currently in service (140,000-plus gross tonnage).

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