Pullmantur Introduces First Gastrolab Gala Dinner Menu

Gastrolab Team

Pullmantur Cruises has announced the launch of its new gala dinner menu, which it said, is based on Mediterranean culture and Spanish gastronomy.

This is the first creation of Gastrolab, the cruise line’s new culinary platform, led by three Michelin Star chef, Jordi Cruz, working hand in hand with the chefs of the company and with guest chefs.

According to Pullmantur, the new menu is built around the “quality and intensity” of the ingredients, thus enabling diners to enjoy the flavors, textures and aromas of traditional recipes, while remaining authentic and also innovative.

Featured dinner dish

Stated Pullmantur President & CEO Richard J. Vogel: "We are very satisfied with the new menu, where we have managed to combine Spanish cuisine, one of our main hallmarks, with innovation and creativity".

Added Chef Cruz: “This new menu is a reflection of our commitment to our own gastronomy, with which we have highlighted the quality of our products.”

The menu features seven dishes, including two appetizers, a starter, a main course –with a choice of meat or fish– and sorbet and a dessert, as well as cookies. In addition is also a vegetarian option.

According to Kristoffer Baek-Soerensen, head of food & beverage operations, Pullmantur is only using the best ingredient. “In addition,” he added, “depending on our routes, we look for the best international products so that Gastrolab has maximum creative freedom but, at the same time, always accompanied by ingredients very linked to the Spanish gastronomy such as serrano ham, a good paprika or, of course, virgin olive oil."

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