Former Uljanik Executives Arrested

Scenic Eclipse

Twelve former top-level executives from Uljanik shipyard were arrested in Croatia on Tuesday by the country’s anti-corruption investigation unit.

The 12 are reportedly charged with fraud, costing the shipyard approximately 160 million euro.

Arrested parties, according to Croatia news citing unofficial sources, include former Management Board President Gianni Rossanda and his predecessor Anton Brajkovic.

The investigation is said to center on the yard’s restructuring in 2012 and 2013.

The shipyard’s status is still in limbo: restructuring or bankruptcy, and workers have not been paid in seven months, according to reports.

Last week Croatian government officials could not decide on what to do with the yard, and are expected to meet again in the coming weeks to work out a strategy.

Two out of three entrance gates to the facility were welded shut in protest earlier this week.

As for the Scenic Eclipse, the company last made a statement in February, delaying delivery again until this summer. At the same time, Scenic said it had directly hired contractors to finish the vessel.

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