Silversea Adds New Musical Productions

Silversea Production

Silversea Cruises will add six new theatrical performances over the coming months, according to a press release.

"With this entertaining collection of new shows, developed in partnership with Luna Rossa Productions, our guests will enjoy beautifully staged live vocal performances of some of the world's most celebrated music," said Antonio Marangi, Silversea's Director of Entertainment. "From the emotion of the blues and opera to the uplifting rhythms of swing and rock and roll, our full line-up of production shows is carefully designed to connect with the audience on many levels, enriching the cruise experience immensely."

Developed in partnership with Luna Rossa Productions, the new shows will be performed in the theatres aboard Silversea ships. 

Featuring high-quality musical tracks, vivacious costumes, evocative set designs, and elaborate visual effects, the performances will spotlight the talents of The Voices of Silversea, according to a press release.

Each of the new shows will be exclusive to a particular ship, adding to three productions that are common to all ships: the new signature production, Grande Amore, an opera-themed show that features musical tracks composed for Silversea by Richard Balcombe, and recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Argento, an art deco-inspired production dedicated to the swing era; and Blues Brother Soul Sister, a musical experience that captures the funky vibe of the 1960s and 1970s.

New shows also include: The King on Strings, a tribute to the legendary Elvis Presley; Silver, Platinum, Gold, a fun journey back to the age of Motown; Rhapsody in Rock, honoring Queen;¬∑Lyrically Yours showcasing the music of some of the world's most beloved lyricists, from John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to Abba and James Taylor; and Jersey Beats, featuring songs of The Four Seasons,

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