After two years of successful sailing with the Ecospeed hull performance technology, a cruise line based in Florida had the coating applied on a second vessel at BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair last month.

This cruise line decided two years ago to have the underwater hull of one of their cruise ships coated with Ecospeed. After a thorough search for an economically and ecologically sound coating system, Ecospeed was chosen for its key qualities: durability and reliability. The coating is 100% non-toxic, a particularly important factor for the tourist industry, making it ideal for companies concerned with the protection of marine life.

With the first vessel still in excellent condition two years later, the underwater hull of the vessel is saving the company both in repainting and fuel costs. When using conventional paints a vessel's AHR (average hull roughness) will gradually increase as a result of the buildup of paint layers and the general deterioration of the paint system causing increased fuel consumption. Ecospeed however is a once in a lifetime coating which is guaranteed for 10 years. There is no need to repaint the vessel during subsequent drydockings as it maintains its smoothness allowing the owner to always operate his fleet in optimum condition. The hydro-dynamically perfected surface reduces fuel consumption and cost and eliminates ocean pollution.

The complete package that the Ecospeed hull performance technology offers customers was another factor in the decision to have a second vessel coated. The Ecospeed coating creates an impermeable barrier for protection against corrosion and marine fouling and is extremely durable. It is therefore ideal for in-water treatment which consists of two procedures. First a one-time conditioning applied with custom designed tools further improving the surface characteristics of the coating. This is followed by regular underwater cleaning removing any marine fouling at an early stage of development, thereby maintaining the ideal surface characteristics throughout the service life of the vessel.

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