The Florida Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Imperial Majesty Cruise Line for failing to adequately disclose fuel surcharge fees. According to the lawsuit filed Wednesday, Imperial Majesty has collected approximately $4 million in fuel surcharges from 2006 to present. The company is also accused of falsely representing those fees as governmental taxes or fees.

Attorney General Bill McCollum alleged Imperial Majesty told passengers a "fuel/security" surcharge will be added to their onboard account "… only if (they) have not paid the governmental taxes and fees at the time of booking." Consumers complained that when they attempted to board the ship, they were charged the surcharge even though it was not mandated by any governmental entity. Many consumers first learned of the $20-$30 surcharge only when they arrived to embark on their cruise, McCollum said.

Contacted early Thursday, an Imperial Majesty representative said he had not yet seen the suit and could not immediately comment.