Costa Celebrates Carbonara Day

Pasta Day

Costa Crociere celebrated Carbonara Day on April 6 aboard 10 of its ships. The day was organized by the International Pasta Organization and the Associazone delle Industrie del Dolce e della Pasta, consisting of Italian pasta and bakery product companies.

Noting that carbonbara is a 100 percent Italian specialty, Costa outlined what it called the 10 commandments for how the dish is to be prepared: “First of all, do not pancetta (bacon): it must be guanciale (lard from pork jowls or cheeks); only use egg yolks; Pecorino cheese (made from ewe's milk) is essential; do not add onion when frying the guanciale; do not use oil, only fat from the guanciale; do not use cream; use spaghetti or rigatoni; the pasta must be cooked al dente; season with some ground pepper; and mix the ingredients when they are raw.”

Costa’s pasta supplier, Barilla, is working with the cruise line, which includes cooking demonstrations for passengers.

Guests are also encouraged to post photos of the carbonara on their social media channels.

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