MSC Cruises Investing for Digital Experience Aboard

 Luca Pronzati

Luca Pronzati, chief business innovation officer at MSC Cruises, has spearheaded the company’s innovative MSC for Me app, including its new digital personal assistant which will debut next year. Much of his job has been looking at consumer and guest data to better adapt new technologies in the correct (shipboard) manner.

“The ships are becoming bigger and navigation within the ship is becoming somewhat difficult, especially for first timers, which are still a big part of our customer base,” he said.

Thus, the company’s MSC for Me app has been linked to thousands of sensors across the ships to give guests their exact location, and potential directions to where they want to go.

Investments are also being made to provide the best experience to the cruise guest.

“It’s all about the experience for the customer. They expect a certain speed and kind of connection and we want to offer that,” said Pronzati. “In order to be prepared we are investing. We are still struggling in getting the right satellite (bandwidth), but once we do, everything will be even better, elevating the experience we already have.”

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