SkySea Launches New Music Show


SAMAJAM is coming to SkySea’s Golden Era, a new music show allowing audience participation, according to a statement from the Chinese cruise line.

Sailing from Shanghai on Jan. 24, the new show will allow all guests to participate, SkySea said.

SkySea and SAMAJAM will also offer special customized performances for corporate events aboard.

Ken Muskat, CEO of SkySea Cruise Line, said: "SAMAJAM@SkySea is yet another way of proving we are the industry leader when it comes to themes and special events. Following the very popular SkySea Voice which launched in 2016 and SkySea Forums which launched in 2017, the addition of SAMAJAM being offered on every cruise in 2018 fits perfectly with our vision to offer our guests unique and interactive opportunities only found on SkySea Cruise Line. “We are honored to partner with SAMAJAM, a truly creative and reputable entertainment company."

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