HullWiper Launches Leasing Program

Hull Wiper

The HullWiper hull cleaning system can now be used worldwide, following the launch of its first leasing scheme, according to a statement.

The new program allows interested parties to use the brush- and diver-free Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) wherever approval has been given for its operation within port waters.

The leasing scheme expands HullWiper’s geographical footprint through a network of established contacts, the company said. 

Through this new initiative, more members of the international maritime community can enjoy the benefits of HullWiper technology which saves both time and money in delivering a smooth, streamlined hull to optimize fuel efficiency, and does so without compromising the delicate marine environment or risking penalties for contaminating port waters with removed fouling, the company said.


Simon Doran, HullWiper’s Managing Director, said: “Shipping is the ultimate global industry, so it is important for us to enable vessel owners and operators to use HullWiper whenever and wherever they need it. Our new leasing scheme does just that, and we believe it will also drive further operational improvements, raise environmental performance standards, and improve safety during hull cleaning at hundreds of ports around the world.

“HullWiper has received widespread support at key shipping hubs like Dubai, Rotterdam, Valencia, and Singapore, since its launch. The time is now right to take the next step and make our cutting-edge technology accessible to more local partners.”

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