Harmony of the Seas sailing from Port Everglades

Damage assessment is underway and Port Everglades will reopen following approval from the U.S. Coast Guard, the port said in a Monday morning statement.

The Port is working with the cruise lines to determine how to best accommodate cruise guests who are returning this week. Cruise passengers should continue to check with their cruise lines for the latest information on upcoming itineraries.

Fuel deliveries will continue as soon as the petroleum companies at Port Everglades are able to reopen and the roads are safe for truck drivers.

Petroleum companies at Port Everglades estimate, based on normal demand, that storm reserves consist of a 4-day supply of gasoline, 5 days of diesel fuel, and 5 days jet fuel. Fuel ships are standing by for the Port to reopen to ocean-going vessels.

Cargo terminals will remain closed until further notice.