Aerial view of the Carnival Vista in NYC

Moving to Ports America as a single operator for the Manhattan and Brooklyn Cruise Terminals will lead to infrastructure improvements to the tune of $38.5 million.

Ports America has the contract through 2029 after a recent bidding process.

That investment plan will include a berth rehabilitation at Pier 90 and the same for Brooklyn's single berth.

Both berths will get an extended apron and new fenders.

In Brooklyn, the pier will be extended by 150 to 200 feet to accommodate the latest class of mega ships, according to Michael DeMeo, vice president of transportation systems for NYCruise (New York City Economic Development Corporation).

By comparison, the Queen Mary 2 currently utilizes Brooklyn for turnarounds without issue.

Construction should start in 2018.

The move to a single operator also means pier and berth fees will be the same in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

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