Ariane Systems, the European leader in self-service check-in / check-out kiosk technology for the hospitality industry, today announced the launch of a new business unit, Ariane Marine. The mission of this new business unit is to introduce to the worldwide cruise and ferry market the same advancements in automated check-in technology and guest convenience that have revolutionised the airline and hotel industries over the past decade.

“Europeans are known to be early adapters of technology,” stated Laurent Cardot, CEO of Ariane Systems. “With over 10 years experience in streamlining the efficiency of hotel check-in operations through the use of customized self-service kiosks, we recognised a need for the same efficiencies in the cruise and ferry market. With larger and larger ships being built each year, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to funnel the growing number of passengers quickly and efficiently through the boarding process. Ariane Systems is dedicated to developing the technological solutions that will make these operations quicker and more cost-effective for ship operators around the globe.”

In addition to the wide range of advanced operational features that Ariane self-service kiosks provide to the hotel market, the kiosks that Ariane is developing specifically for the Marine market will take into consideration the special security and identification needs of international travel. Each kiosk has the capability to include such optional equipment as a scanner for verifying passport information, a camera for taking personal identification photographs, a keycard encoder for distributing passenger keycards, and many other customizable features. The ability to check-in online and then utilize a kiosk upon arrival to obtain their keycard, provides an exceptional level of convenience for passengers.

“The kiosk virtually eliminates the need to stand in a long line with hundreds, maybe thousands of other passengers waiting to board,” says Vanessa Marchesseau, manager of Ariane Marine. “It also saves time and expense for the port and ship operator, since less manpower is needed to complete the boarding process. It allows the passenger to quickly and efficiently complete the standardised tasks required for boarding, freeing up the check-in staff to provide the services that require more personalised attention.”

Ariane kiosks currently promote ancillary onboard revenue opportunities for cruise and ferry owners during guest check-in by printing a passenger receipt that includes coupons redeemable for onboard purchases. In addition, the ability of the solution to enhance the onboard experience by offering upgrades to passengers who desire more customised staterooms at check-in can dramatically increase profitability.

Future enhancements to the onboard kiosks will allow for the seamless integration of vacation itineraries. For example, the kiosks will feature the ability for passengers to purchase amenities and book activities that require reservations, such as shore excursions, dining, spa services, etc., providing additional revenue opportunities. For the guests disembarking to meet a plane reservation, the kiosk will provide airline check-in and print boarding passes, saving valuable time at the airport. The kiosks will also provide additional passenger conveniences, including the ability to re-issue lost keycards, instantly check their account statement, and during check-out have their statement sent to their e-mail address.