The M/V Voyager

All Leisure Group has cancelled January sailings aboard the Voyager and Minerva.

The Voyager, sailing for Voyages of Discovery, was set to sail from Malaysia on a 15-day cruise on January 4, while the Minerva, under the Swan Hellenic brand, had a January 3 15-day Canary Islands voyage cancelled.

The Group cited “operational reasons” in a brief post on Twitter.

The company also owns and operates the Hebridean Island Cruises brand, but that seasonal operation does not start until later in the year.

All Leisure, which owns other associated travel businesses, has not been without its own challenges, posting a slim 1.1 million pound operating profit for fiscal year 2015.

RJ Allard, chairman, wrote in a letter to investors in early 2016 that “the cruise division continued to be unprofitable,” noting an improvement in operating losses from 2014 to 2015.